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Lantricks — network monitoring tools & security software. Local area network (LAN) tricks are a set of programs, which make network surf easy. Standard functions and methods were used during Lantricks creation. Such programs are mostly aimed at automation of laborious tasks that occur during network operating. It is very important to note that Lantricks do not use means of hacking or unauthorized access.
The author denies any responsibility for unwise using of Lantricks.

LanSpy - network security and port scanner

LanSpy - network security and port scanner

LanSpy is network security and port scanner, which allows getting different information about computer: Domain and NetBios names, MAC address, Server information, Domain and Domain controller information, Remote control, Time, Discs, Transports, Users, Global and local users groups, Policy settings, Shared folders, Sessions, Open files, Services, Registry and Event log information, TCP & UDP port scanner.

Nothing on the remote computer is hidden from you now!

LanCalculator - to calculate subnet addresses and masks

LanCalculator - to calculate subnet addresses and masks

LanCalculator - makes possible not only to easily calculate the subnet addresses range and subnet masks but also broadcast address, net address, net prefix and net mask inversion which is used in the access control lists (ACL) of Cisco network equipment. One key press is enough to calculate all parameters after net address and mask were entered. To complete the picture additional display is given in binary, decimal and hexadecimal notation.

Calculate subnet masks and addresses is as easy as pie now!

LanWhoIs - IP Address & Domain Lookup

LanWhoIs - IP Address & Domain Lookup

LanWhoIs is whois client with GUI. LanWhoIs helps you find out who, where and when registered the domain or site you are interested in, and the information about those who serves it now.
LanWhoIs will answer all your questions about domain (site) holder or IP address!

Learn everything about everybody!

Terminal Services Manager is an Advanced Remote Desktop Services Manager and Monitoring System

Terminal Services Manager helps you monitor and manage the usage of host resources by remote users. Terminal Services Manager provides you with tools to manage the users, sessions, and processes on a remote host. Terminal Services Manager gives you the ability to send messages to users, disconnect them, and close their login sessions. These operations can be performed for individual users as well as multiple users in one operation.

The quick and easy way to monitor and manage remote host resource usage!

Remote Process Explorer - manage processes on a remote computer in real time

Remote Process Explorer is a powerful tool for managing, monitoring and analyzing processes on a local or remote computer. You can use Remote Process Explorer to not only get the list of processes running on a remote or local computer, but also run a new process, kill a process or change its priority. In real time, Remote Process Explorer monitors the performance of a remote computer, shows what processes are running on it, how much CPU, memory and other system resources they use. The program has additional tools for shutting down/restarting/logging off a remote computer, sending messages to it, calling standard administration tools.

Remote Process Explorer is an easy-to-use solution for managing processes on a remote computer!

Wi-Fi Scanner allows you to check the signal level of their own and nearby wireless networks

Wi-Fi Scanner - simple and fast wireless network search

This tool is designed to detect wireless networks and manage a computer"s wireless adapters. It allows users to perform an analysis of nearby wireless networks and select parameters for their access point that enable it to work as effectively as possible.

Wi-Fi Scanner allows you to check the signal level of their own and nearby wireless networks

Network Scanner is IP Scanner Tool for Analyzing Networks

This tool scans the network using a list of computers or a range of IP addresses and shows all found computer resources. The program will show not only NetBIOS (Samba) resources, but also FTP and web resources and will also check access rights to these resources.

Start Network Scanner and you will see all computers in the network, their resources and also access rights to them!

Find MAC Address is a tool for finding the MAC address of computers on the network

Find MAC Address is a tool for finding the MAC address of computers on the network

This tool is an easy way to find the MAC address of a local or remote computer on the network. Select the target and method and find the MAC address of a remote computer on the network. The software can not only find the MAC address of a computer, but also detect the manufacturer of its network card.

With Find MAC Address, you will easily find the MAC address of any computer on the network!

LanSend - instant messaging to remote computers

Messages can be sent to all active remote computer users connected both locally and remotely (terminal session). Message templates are included, allowing you to compose and send messages fast.

LanSend allows you to quickly send messages to multiple remote machines on your LAN simultaneously.

Remote Shutdown is power management tool for remote computers

Power management in a single click for several computers or computer groups on a domain or workgroups. Remote Shutdown significantly simplifies network administration tasks by enabling you to shutdown or reboot for all machines on your LAN from your desk.

Power management for remote computers in a single click!

Change MAC Address is MAC Address spoofing tool

With this tool, you will quickly change the MAC address of your network card no matter what its manufacturer and driver is. You will be able to change the MAC address with a couple of mouse clicks in just several seconds.

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